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Complete Health Management

MedDiary™ offers the largest selection of health management modules available in a single mobile app.

Food and Nutrition Icon

Food & Nutrition

Track daily food & nutrition consumption. Compare against daily nutrition goals.

Symptoms Icon


Track symptoms related specifically to your health condition.

Medications Icon


Track prescribed and OTC medications. Create customized reminders.

Measurements Icon


Track home-based measurements, such as random blood sugar (RBS), blood pressure and weight.

Physical Activity Icon

Physical Activity

Track your daily physical activity. Sync with your wireless device.

Bowel Movements Icon

Bowel Movements

Track your bowel movements.

Sleep Icon


Track your nightly sleep patterns. Sync with your wireless device.

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Personalized Health Management

Personalize MedDiary for your specific health needs.
Chronic Disease Management, Cancer Management, Diet & Nutrition Management, Weight Loss Management, Activity Tracking and Health & Wellness Management

Create your own health management plan or select one of our pre-configured health management plans:

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Connected Health Management

Stay connected with your Family, Healthcare Providers and wireless devices.

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Share your health information with your Family Members and Healthcare Providers and exchange secure, electronic messages with them

Wireless message

Sync wireless devices to your MedDiary account for single point data collection, analysis and sharing.

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